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Babydoll Sheep

We fell in love with the land; thirty-two acres of nature that seem to go on forever. As we looked around us, we knew that we needed some animals to share the space with us. We knew we wanted sheep. We did some research and learned some wooly facts about babydoll sheep. Originating in England, they are the smaller versions of the Southdown breed of sheep. They are super soft, have lots of charm, and they have the cutest faces. Babydoll sheep are also very friendly and naturally (and humorously) very curious. Plus, they are the cutest lawn mowers we have ever seen! It took a lot of searching, and we feel like God put the perfect ones at our ranch.


We drove to Oklahoma to pick up Winston and fell in love with him instantly. He was 5 months old and filled with charisma. He came right up to us and let us pet him. His personality came shining through. We were hooked. We brought him home to the ranch, and he settled right in. He ran around, played in the hay, and radiated joy. Every time we see him, he is covered in hay. He is such a goofball that enjoys the simple country life. It did not take long for our cute, little babydoll sheep to become the (un)official mascot of Leonard Ranch. Winston warmed up to our neighbor, Ray, and Ray took to him. Thankfully, this relationship is a good one since Ray is our main caretaker of the property. With Ray’s encouragement, we searched for a companion for Winston immediately. Winston needed a friend.


We found Abigail out on a farm in Missouri. We drove for hours to get our new babydoll sheep, and it was well worth the trip. Abigail is about 2 years old, and she brings a bit of maturity to the farm. She was a little quieter when she first came to the ranch, but Winston has helped her break out of her shell. She tends to be more vocal, and she will sometimes outrun Winston to get some food and treats. The two of them are perfect together. He is younger and goofier, and she is older and a little more dignified. Hopefully, we will have some baby sheep one day.

Living the Good Life!!

Our neighbor has been great about looking after our wooly family. He makes sure they are fed and have plenty of water. He checks on their overall well-being, and he makes sure they get their favorite treats, animal crackers. Winston and Abigail will run right over to you and nudge you for an animal cracker or two. These two might be a little spoiled.

When you come to visit us, make sure to say hello to our favorite little wooly friends, Winston and Abigail. They are waiting for you!

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