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The Ranch: Guest Bath Transformation

The guest bathroom was in sad shape and had to be gutted and rebuilt. From the baseboards to the fixtures, the room underwent a total overhaul and received a stylish and functional makeover. The double vanity was functional but lacked any personality. The shower stall, on the other hand, was way too cramped, so there was barely any room to move in there. The toilet was pushed into a tiny closet space that had a cabinet right above it and a door right in front of it. It was not an ideal set up. The whole room was in dire need of a redesign.


One of the first things we did was remove everything. The best thing we could do was start with a clean slate. We decided that more space was needed to make this a spa-like getaway. We gained four extra feet by extending the bathroom space into the living room space. By doing this, we were able to put in a larger vanity and make the shower two times larger. In addition to making the shower bigger, we added a transom window on the top. This gives you the opportunity to transform a regular shower into a sauna. We were also able to add much needed space around the toilet. The cramped feeling is gone, and the relaxation can begin.


Once we had function, we then focused on style. One of our more striking features in the bathroom is the amazing cement tile work behind the vanity and mirror.

The vanity is a handsome piece from Restoration Hardware with a beautiful white quartz countertop.

We decked out the shower with sleek black picket tile on the walls and stone on the floors. There is also a teak bench for your comfort.

You will notice fluffy towels from Pottery Barn and organic loofahs are there for your use.

Each built in shelf has unique decorative pieces that make the guest bathroom a special space.

We want our guests to feel like they have escaped to a luxurious penthouse while still holding on to the cozy feel of country life.


We want you to relax while you are here. Get outside, be with nature, visit our animals, and then get yourself clean and refreshed in a bathroom that makes you feel like you are at a spa.

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