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The Ranch: Kitchen Transformation

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the room where friends and family gather to talk about the day, laugh about the funny things, reminisce about good times, and bake the food that ties all of these things together. In addition to the kitchen, the dining room is a place to gather with the ones you love and share the food that has been lovingly prepared. We made sure that the design of these two rooms kept a homely, yet refined, feel and look.


The original kitchen had a decent blueprint, but it definitely needed a makeover. The original cabinets were bulky and made the kitchen feel small. The countertops were dull and the appliances were functional, but old. There was a little desk/office space built right next to the refrigerator which was not conducive to getting any work done, and it interfered with the normal kitchen flow. Sunlight struggled to reach the whole space through the small window above the kitchen sink. The bar was massive, though, and that gave us inspiration for the whole redesign.


That massive bar and the countertops were fitted with white quartz countertops, and we made sure to add the dramatic waterfall effect on the bar for some extra style.

We took out the upper and lower cabinets and replaced the lower cabinets with custom built ones. Instead of putting upper cabinets back in, we opted for beautiful, wooden, open shelves.The awkward built-in desk was taken out and a brand new, custom built floor to ceiling pantry was put in its place. A large, new farmhouse sink was installed, along with all new upper-end appliances.The window was framed and enlarged four times its original size to allow more sunlight to come streaming in, and it makes the whole space bright and airy.

The wall with the open shelves is by far the most stunning transformation. The dark open shelves stand out against the bright, white subway tile, and each shelf has been meticulously decorated with unique pieces. The vent hood was custom designed and took weeks to put together, paint, cure, and dry, and we feel it was well worth the time and effort put into it to make the whole kitchen feel cozy and elegant.

The dining room got a fresh coat of paint, and the windows were framed. The table in the dining room is the star. It is a long, beautiful wooden table that can seat 12 people! It will fit all your food and drinks, and you will still have elbow room. The massive bar in the kitchen feeds into the dining area and can accommodate even more people. A large family or group of friends can come together and make lots of memories.

We hope you use these two rooms to gather and connect with the special people in your lives.

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