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The Ranch: Laundry Room Transformation

After a rejuvenating day of enjoying the outdoors, hiking the trails, and visiting the sheep, the first thing you want to do is get cleaned up and freshened up. The powder/laundry room is just the place to do that. We wanted to transition the space that was originally here and make it more functional. We aim for it to be a place where you can hang your hat, put your boots out to dry, and take care of an everyday chore in a luxurious setting.


Once again, we gutted everything and started from fresh. The whole utility/bathroom area was cramped and dull. We took out the shower that was oddly placed right in front of the bathroom door. The door that led to the utility room was right next to the bathroom door, and it made it feel cluttered. The clunky cabinets above the toilet were taken out, and the sink and cabinets that were in the laundry room were removed. The flooring, paint, and tile were all taken out so that we could start with a clean slate.


We opted to make the cramped 2-piece bathroom into a refreshing powder room. In place of the awkwardly positioned shower, we put in a stylish utility sink. We closed off the toilet to allow our guests privacy and also allow multiple people to use the room.

The washer and dryer stayed in the same location but received major upgrades to LG models. A table was placed on top of the washer and dryer to make it easier to fold your clothes and dark wood shelves were added above. Utility storage and mudroom cabinets were installed in place of the original sink and cabinets. We also moved the entry door to the room to a better location.

As with all the rooms at The Ranch, you will find that the thought that went into every room goes all the way down to the details.

Above the sink and the toilet you will find two simple, yet elegant light fixtures that beautifully compliment the white chevron tile. The metal shelves that hang above the sink and above the toilet were carefully installed to add storage and a modern touch. The wood shelves above the washer and dryer have decorative features that have been hand-picked and thoughtfully placed.

When you are done in the powder/laundry room, you can close the custom made barn door behind you and get on with the rest of your day.

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